Free Shipping Is Better

In “Aliexpress Portals Review,” I suggested opting  for an express delivery service while placing orders, so as to have the purchases delivered to one’s home  fast and in sound conditions. Well, the service  has a cost that cancels  much of the savings that the cheap prices generate. Nonetheless, without going back on  my words, I find it necessary to add that where there is no haste, it is better and more profitable to accept the free shipping arrangement guaranteed in almost all business transactions  in Aliexpress  platforms. You pay the exact sum asked  for the articles and within days or weeks or a month or more, (depending in the country you live in and it’s postal services) you will have the goods delivered right at your doorstep —- with no extra cost!

In December 2015 I saw some  Winter products I needed: a heating blanket, a heating cloak, and a pair of heating shoes. Settling for  express delivery service for all three was out of the question: the blanket, for example, cost roughly $17; if added to the $23 requested for an express delivery, the total cost jumps to  $40: much close to the Euro 45 I would have spent buying it in my local store.

In the end I choose the shoes for express delivery and, the blanket and the cloak, free shipping. The express parcel arrived before Christmas.  In mid January the heating cloak too was delivered and shortly after,  the blanket. Both, I now  agree, were  excellent bargains since their cost was a lot much less than I would have paid, had I bought them even from a local Chinese-owned boutique.

My Aliexpress purchases
Unbeatable anti-cold products

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I have since learnt a lesson: dig the well before you are thirsty…

Plainly put, I make my orders now in advance of the seasons: for my Spring needs, I placed orders in winter, free shipping, and one after the other they come delivered home to me – Buck-free – I intend continuing the same way. In Spring I will cater for the Summer’s needs and, in Summer attend to the needs of Autumn, etc.

“A stitch in time, I hear, “saves nine.”

Again, permit me to share with you a bit more of my Aliexpress experiences. Two of them, lately, stood out clear of how the cookie crumbles without you wanting it to. An order I placed was running out of its Buyer protection period. Four days before expiration date I opened a dispute but left it to the trader to make an extension, if he believed his parcel was still in transit.  He failed to do so and, Aliexpress promptly granted me a full refund. Now I know I should have contacted him first, before filing a dispute.

The second experience was equally educative: a seller sent a mail informing me that my order has been delivered. “Where?” I asked, “here, nothing has arrived.” In the end we agreed to wait a week or two before deciding on what to do. It was as well we did wait: the parcel arrived two weeks later.


Let me conclude by underlining the necessity of keeping an eye on the mail menu in one’s account. Many sellers contact the buyer immediately after receiving an order; sometimes to express their gratitude to the buyer for choosing their store; or they offer information relative to the transaction: principally the tracking information. In all it helps break the ice between the buyer and the seller and facilitates the chances of their transaction being a success for one and the other.


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From all points of view, is a trustworthy website, easy-to-use, profitable, rapid and among the safest place you could shop online. It is a business within the Alibaba Group. Launched in April 2010, it is presently the leading global portal for online shopping. It has on offer a wide range of quality consumer goods in over 40 categories, sold directly to millions of buyers from more than 220 countries.
Whatever you need: garden tools, home decorations, computers, phones, beauty products, automobiles , etc; you name it, whatever… chances are that you could find it in Aliexpress websites. Shipping, in theory and in practice, is free. However, if you desire a fast and safer delivery of your orders it is better to settle for an Express delivery service.


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Aliexpress Key Facts

Transactions are based on a business to customer platform: where buyers are connected with trading companies from China and other 200 countries and regions.

Placing orders from Aliexpress is more than easy: you add articles to a cart; then make a checkout. After a while, messages would be sent to your email address and reports left on your account page, informing you of the pack’s progress.

Some sellers do cheat their buyers by dispatching wrong or defective products. To prevent such a thing happening to you, first review your trader’s buyer feedback; if his customers are satisfied, he will satisfy you. Consider his ratings (the flashing diamonds): the greater they are the better his reputation.
Albeit a whole load of cash could be saved shopping at Aliexpress portals. You just choose well and you’ll end up happy and smiling; If on the other hand you make a bad choice it may be a painful error… However, there is an excellent Help desk to turn to when things get bad. It is a round-the-clock service with polite attendants eager to help you solve your problem. You could send them a mail or let Eva (computerized assistant) tell you what to do, within the limits of its capacity. Better still though is to click on the Online Chat menu on the Help page and in a matter of seconds you’ll have someone attending to you.

Things I Don’t Like 

I find it confusing that many products are the same, in looks and descriptions, but have prices far-fetched one to the other. It makes deciding on what to buy and who to buy from, a herculean task. We know that it is not always better the article that costs the most, or worse the one that costs less. Torn between both realities it is easy enough to take chances; to toss the coin and accept it head or tail. How the phenomena could be avoided without hurting the liberty of free competition, I have no idea…


I like getting value for my money and here I find all the necessary things I need to obtain it. Every trader in the portal have a page showing his business rating (the higher the better); his address, his customers feedback, etc.
What do I do? I check my seller’s page and, when necessary, get in touch with him before buying; it saves me some bitter surprises.
I like the dispute procedure that brings buyer and seller together for a confront. More than anywhere else the customer is generally right here. You open a dispute in time and have your case just and, you are sure to win, always!


A Big Thank You for reading my review this far. I placed passion in my words because of the memories of my initial contacts with, that remain evergreen. Yes, I once was like you: tempted by the cheap deals; but scared to death I would be swindled.

Today I am a satisfied customer

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Tips Useful In Aliexpress

Useful tips for shopping in Aliexpress

Shopping in is like shopping in an immense departmental store with millions of quality products from all over the world. However, there is a difference: in a departmental store there is a direct, visual and physical contact between the client, the staffs and the articles; whereas in a website all you find is a page and some products in display. To get to the rest of the wares you, obviously, have to follow the links that lead to them.

Aliexpress collections prime page

The screenshot above is the Aliexpress website homepage. On its left hand side are the categories of the products on offer. Each category has its subcategories and all you need do is click on till you get to the articles that interests you. While navigating you will notice the discrepancy between the prices, i.e., articles that look alike but cost, at times, more than half the other. May be quality or competition is behind it. However, do not make the pricelist your principal criteria of valuation. Ask yourself how could anyone sell so cheap and make a profit? The answer you have here: “if the price is too good to be true, it almost always is.” Furthermore, brand name goods with low costs must be seen for what they are: imitations. Authentic brand names products never sell below the official price.

Again, it is good to pay attention to a seller’s feedback information. Good traders have good feedback and excellent ratings; (a pointer of how good they care for their customers). Buy from such and you will never be swindled.

One other tip: at the top of the home page is a useful menu Buyer Protection that guarantees you receive on time and as described, the items you purchased. It works in two ways:
A. You get a full refund if your order does not arrive within the agreed delivery time.
B. If your item is significantly different from the seller’s product description, you can return it and get a full refund; or get a partial refund and keep the item.

Great, No?
Of course… an excellent tool to be used when things go awry. Quite customer friendly… Makes shopping fun in You add your chosen products to a cart; make a checkout, then wait for delivery.

One final word: always check carefully the items of your order when it arrives. If everything is satisfactory, confirm; on the contrary open a dispute straightaway.. with a just cause your victory is guaranteed…

China Consumer Goods Via Aliexpress

Listening to Jack Ma, one of the founding fathers of Alibaba group of websites, speaking at the Stanford University, CA USA; helped me understand why products are considered cheap in Aliexpress platforms. According to him, if a product costs $50 in AliExpress and, in another website costs $150, it is the latter that is expensive and not Aliexpress that is cheap.
Big companies, we know, create channels of distribution. And they have advertising costs and intermediaries to deal with; which they promptly reverse on the costs of their wares. Those extra costs does not exist in Aliexpress portals. Here medium and small business enterprises offer their merchandise directly to the consumers.
The objective of Jack Ma and his colleague way back in 1999 was to compete with ebay with the launching of their Taobao in China. EBay by then had a 90% share of the online shoppings. Today the roles have been reversed: 90% share of the global e-commerce business belongs to the Aliexpress web galaxy.

What was their formula?… Simply offering millions of quality consumer products to their customers at a cheap, hard-to-believe prices. I still recall myself gasping, “this is too good to be true.” on seeing for the first time those cheap retail prices. Naturally, I bought nothing that first time.. I was scared stiff of losing my money…
Later on I took courage and made an order; free shipping. It did not arrive before the expiration of the buyer’s protection period. I opened a dispute and got a full refund. I ordered again and chose Express delivery. The parcel arrived punctual and with everything in perfect condition. A series of other transactions convinced me that instead of it being an “Ali Baba & the 40 thieves” affair, (the mind’s first association, I must add) this is in fact a virtual cave where every treasure imaginable, could be purchased, safely and at a price very, very competitive .